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Tuesday, June 22, 2004

RIAA has too much power over individual freedom of speech

First, I just like to say that I do not condone Napster or KaZaa style music copying.

Yesterday, my friend trys to upload MP3 files of HIS OWN BAND performance, and his Comcast web server just automatically delete those MP3 files. I'm sorry, but this is just WRONG!

My friend paid $45 a month for his broadband access and web server, he should be able to do everything if it is legal. But if Comcast is afraid of RIAA and putting restriction on a perfectly legitimate situation, especially when my friend do not have suitable alternative broadband provider in the area, this is not right.

Record companies just don't get it. They should make it easy for people to enjoy music, not make it harder. This is just a transitional period for the music industry: from physical distribution to virtual distribution. AND they should not overreach their field of business and into people's private lives.


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