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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

New iPods and Zune

Last week was an interesting week! First Apple updated iPod, iTunes, then Microsoft announced its Zune players.

With Apple's announcement, it was so much thunder but no rain! Nano now has 5 different colors, iTunes now delivers movie downloads. It was more about what it means than what it does. Without HD content or a link to the big plasma TV, I don't see people will want to watch movies on the little iPod players.

Zune, what a big piece of crap from a big company with design committees. I was hoping for a fresh new angle from Microsoft, maybe finally some competition for the iPod and iTunes. But Noooooo. What I see was a half baked player that promotes "Sharing". But wait, it is really not "Sharing" because it just let people listen for the songs several times then it was bookmarked for purchase in the future.

Are Microsoft marketing programs run by amateurs? How stupid do they think the consumer are? What is the point of going through the trouble and listening to songs from your friend, there is no value in this type of "sharing". This is like to include a phone in a TV back in the 80's. There is just so little functional advantage for a phone in a TV that it was never a big selling point for Zenith!


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